Boats For Hire

This image has been taken many times before, by many people, over many years. But if you like photography, then why should that be a crime. "Be different" we are told and there certainly is some merit in that but don't ever not take a picture simply because someone else has done so before. Now that would be a crime. By taking a photograph we learn, we improve. By taking a photograph we impart a piece of ourselves into that image. Sometimes that piece may be imperceptible, sometimes wholly unique. But in essence, every image will be different.

Anyway, it was early evening and I was passing by with my family to have something to eat in Keswick. My first thoughts were "everyone has taken this image" and after a pause, my second thoughts were "so what!". So I went back to the car to get my tripod. I setting up this image though, i got involved with something I almost wish i hadn't started. It was that blinking rope! Originally it was the other side of the boat but it couldn't be seen and i wanted to make it some small part of the image. So, i picked it up and threw it the other side. This was an improvement but it did look like someone had just picked it up and thrown it down (which, of course, they did). I then went back and forth to the boat trying different shapes, losing the will, but I eventually settled and what I have come to call the reverse ampersand. These things have names you know.