The Old Fishing Lodge

Landscape images do not have to be vast vistas, stretching out as far as the eye can see. Impressive as these are, sometimes small and intimate can create something very personal.

This little gem in The Cotswolds is visible from the side of the road but only if you know it's there. Blink, and you will miss it. Although the image can be photographed perfectly well from a nearby footpath, the land upon which the lodge sits is infact private. To this end I would stress that you do not enter any private land without the owner's permission..

On this particular cold autumn morning (you can see the remains of mist on the water) and surrounded by trees and hills, there was never going to be much in the way of direct sunlight. I therefore decided to 'go' black and white and use the contrasting shades to help create more of an atmosphere.

Nestled in the bottom of a valley, the area is well protected from the elements. Whatever happens and whatever the weather it always looks so peaceful here.

Elsewhere in the World...

Politicians come and go

Wars start and finish

Interest rates fluctuate

Our children grow up

...but it all means nothing here, and the World is a better place for it.